Episode 20

Published on:

2nd Aug 2023

Space Rock Cafe Heist 4: Arnil's Delivery Service

The crew of Bear Force One were modestly successful planar pirates, until the day they stole the cursed treasure of Vortex. Their biggest haul to date, they hastily spent the treasure before they were aware of its curse. They found themselves afflicted with wild magic, and learned the only way to break the curse was to return every last piece of the treasure. They jump from plane to plane and world to world, looking for pieces of the cursed treasure. These are the Adventures of Bear Force One.

I'm no longer sure these guys are good pirates.

Featuring Xtina as GM

Marty as Arnil

Paul as Jake

Coach J Ro as Amar

Ursa as Polly

Allison as Saros

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